Youth Program

Madison East Youth Mentorship Program

This program is made to engage the youth of the community in aspects of learning different area of life and its essentials to a better future. We would like to initiate this program to help our youth to navigate ways on how to gain knowledge and experience that will support their journey to a successful future. This Programs should include but not limited to

  • Leadership development
  • Cultural Education
  • Character and moral education
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Volunteering service
  • Career recruitment

Objective of the youth program

  • Engaging the youths in different extracurricular activities of their interest
  • Educating the youth about safety and precautions when encountering the law enforcement.
  • Learning ways to use their talents into practice.
  • Support them to pursue their interest of choice in academics, sports, and recreational activities etc.

Our goals for the youth program

  • Support to Maintain the youth and guide them to achieve their goals in life.
  • Prepare them to be public speakers and venture into public services
  • Show them ways to contribute to the society and help them become the brighter version of themselves.
  • Engaging the youth to coordinate community events that are geared toward the community growth.
  • Engage members of the youth committee to couch and organize event or recreational seasons for the younger ages.
  • Engage the youth to participate in volunteering to public services such as, cleaning the streets, feeding homeless communities, providing clothing to the under-privilege communities etc.

Ice Cream Social

ICEM has monthly Friday’s night ice cream social for the kids to attract more kids to the masjid for fun and learning.


Girls’ Night

ICEM has a monthly night for young girls to gather and socialize to strength the sisterhood among them for the future women’s leadership in the community.

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