Marriage or Nikkah Service

In order to perform your Nikkah service at ICEM, you must have a valid marriage license from Dane County Clerk Office.

In Islam, the marriage ceremony is very simple and doesn’t take much time and must meet the following four (4) requirements to be valid:

  • Approval – Both the groom and the bride have to give their consent to be willing to get married to each other.
  • Bride’s Guardian or Wali – The father or any male figure on the bride side to ensure her best interest in this marriage. That wali’s permission must be obtained before proceeding.
  • Dowry or Mahr – It’s the bride’s right to request a dowry from the future husband in the form of money or jewelry or any valuable asset that will be for her only.
  • Witnesses – Two witnesses’ presence is required and those witnesses must be adult and not mentally impaired.
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