Islamic Funeral Ceremony

Alhamdulillah, by the grace and mercy of Allah (Glorious and Most High), Madison Masjids have established Madison Muslim Funeral Home, the first Muslim funeral home in the greater Madison area located at the Islamic Center of East Madison at 4002 Lien Rd, Madison WI 53704.

Funeral services can be made available to community members associated with any of the Masajid in the Madison Muslim Community. To make arrangements please contact one of the following administrators:
Islamic Center of Madison: Ibrahim Said (608)395-7794
Islamic Center of East Madison: Gibril (608)332-0431
Masjid Us-Sunnah: Abdiwahid Arab (608)358-9578

The contacted administrator will help guide you through the burial process.

After contacting one of the administrators, please be sure to complete the application for funeral services available on the website and provide all the requested information. A representative from the funeral committee will coordinate to pickup the body of the deceased, ensure the proper ghusl (bath) is given, deliver the body of the deceased to the masjid of your choice in the Madison area for the janaza, and coordinate the burial in the Madison Muslim graveyard.

The Madison Muslim Funeral Home provides the following services:
– Picking up the body of the deceased from the place of death or medical examiner’s office
– Storage of the body at the Funeral Home
– Preparing the body by performing ghusl and shrouding according to Islamic rituals
– Transportation of the body to a local masjid for janaza and then to the local cemetery for burial.

The following services are NOT provided:
– Any embalming services
– Any shipping services of the deceased to another state or country.

The Madison Muslim Funeral Home is a non-profit organization. Funeral services for community members are currently free of cost. A donation of $1,000 is recommended to help cover the expenses for preparation and burial of the deceased. Checks can be made to “Madison Funeral Home”.

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