Alhumdullilah, as ICEM now has a bigger place, we are working on expanding our library and collection of Qur’an, which can be used by the visitors of the masjid, new Muslims, and any guest who is interested in knowing about Islam. Since it’s formation, we have distributed a many copies of Qur’an and currently falling short.

We will appreciate if you can donate us any surplus copies of Qur’an, Hadith Collections, and any Islamic Books available in your house or from any resources known to you. We want to specially emphasize on Qur’an copies which include English Translation and Transliteration along with Arabic text so that our new Muslims can make the most out of it. We will also accept donations in the form of cash/checks with the memo as “Qur’an/Library Fund” which will be specially used towards buying Qur’an and Islamic Literature.

You can mail your donations to and make it payable to:

Islamic Center of East Madison
4002 Lien Rd.
Madison, WI 53704

Memo/Note as “Qur’an/Library Fund”